Adventure Trek and Equine Therapy


We will help guide you through your adventure and find the many joys of living sober, from the inside out.

The experience offers three goals:

Develop New Strengths: In the progression of addiction, internal strength is drained, motivation is lost, and value systems are compromised. Adventure Trek outings are designed to re-awaken the individual’s imagination and present new challenges.

Creating A Peak Experience: Whether hiking on a trail in the mountains, kayaking down a river, or zip-lining through a forest, something happens to a person when he is surrounded by nature. Someone previously isolated and emotionally shut down due to active addiction can experience feelings of peace or joy he may not have believed were possible.

Cultivate Teamwork & Trust: Adventure Trek activities demand teamwork and trust. The Treks are designed to be team-integrated. Group members must help one another in order to achieve a common goal. Addiction renders individuals completely self-centered and ego driven. The Adventure Trek is designed to bring back the ability to work with others and feel good about it.

”Discover your true self, physically,
emotionally and spiritually”

Client Testimonials

  • Detox was tough. Rehab was ok. Little Creek is the real deal. I am learning to live life in the real world. One day at a time, happy and productive. At Little Creek we pray, we play and we adventure together. Straight and sober fun with a purpose. This program was the best thing I ever did.

    Carmine V.
    Carmine V. Pennsylvania
  • Little Creek has the experience, expertise and contacts to do miracles. Four months ago I was a hopeless drunk. I drank all day, everyday. Yesterday I received notice that I have been admitted to Penn State for the spring semester. Little Creek did all the paperwork and made the calls that made this happen.

    John P F.
    John P F. New Jersey
  • Living sober… what a concept!!! Bowling, movies and last week a trip to the Museum of Natural History in NYC. Last night I went to an “AA” Christmas dance and enjoyed it! None of this would be possible without the guidance and support I get here at Little Creek.

    Kyle B.
    Kyle B. Pennsylvania
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