Recreation Program

Team-Building and Physical Exercise

Little Creek’s recreational program is designed to facilitate integration among peers, promote healthy relationships within the community, encourage team-building skills, and, of course, allow residents to enjoy the benefits of physical exercise. Through the progression of addiction, healthy interaction with male peers becomes damaged and needs to be re-energized. Addiction leads the alcoholic or addict to isolation and he becomes pessimistic in his viewpoints. Fresh air, not video games or TV, sparks the beginning of the re-engagement process. We also offer residents sessions with a certified, personal trainer.

Benefits of Recreation Therapy

Recreation Therapy plays an important part in the recovery process by creating new ways of looking at life. We employ qualified staff members for all Adventure Trek outings and planned activities. The benefits of Recreation Therapy can be seen in many areas, ranging from physical and mental improvements to renewed interest in social areas.

Recreation contributes to improved self-confidence and mood while sharpening mental acuity. It promotes a healthy appetite and proper weight maintenance, and increases memory while reducing stress. One of the most significant benefits of regular recreation is that it facilitates relationship building by improving a person’s self-esteem. It also improves coordination, teaches new skills, reduces feelings of loneliness, and much more.

Activities Include

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