“A person who cannot predict the frequency or amount of
alcohol or drug use is an alcoholic or an addict.”

PA Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

Program Overview

Little Creek residents are expected to commit to a minimum of a 90-day program. Ninety is not a magic number; it does not mean that everyone is ready to transition after a 90-day period. The Three-Stages of care are designed to break down the barriers and fear surrounding the change needed for ongoing recovery.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Take the right path to recovery, personal
growth and long-term sobriety.”

Clinical Services

At Little Creek, extended care consists of a 24-hour, structured environment throughout the Three Stages of Care. Each resident is assigned a specific treatment plan, goals, and objectives based on a detailed bio-psychosocial chart of his history. A counselor is assigned to the resident and works with him throughout the Three Stages.

Residents work toward specific goals and objectives established by the treatment team. Each resident gets a treatment plan tailored to his needs, and is encouraged to complete them in a timely manner. Our staff assists each resident in helping to meet these goals and guides residents to integrate into the community in a healthy manner.

Outside, individual counseling services are available and offered to all residents seeking further help for treatment-related issues. These counseling services are available one to two times weekly, if needed, and are financially separate from overall program costs. Services include Psychiatry, Psychology, private therapy, and Pastor or Rabbi consultation.

The Stages

Stage I
Admission Stage

  • Understanding
  • The Disease Concept
  • 5 Stages of Grief
  • Cross Addiction
  • First 3 steps of AA
  • Emotional first step
  • Domestication
  • Anger management, coping skills & reaction time

Stage II

  • Fear of success
  • What is responsibility?
  • Critical thinking  & problem solving
  • Sponsorship AA
  • Asking for help
  • Home visits & family integration
  • Relationships: letting go of people, places & things
  • Planning for transition, step down & sober-living relocation
  • Employment, education & vocational training
  • Working on trust
  • Spiritual growth

Stage III

  • Applying new-found knowledge
  • Giving it away
  • Community leadership
  • Next stage transition: presenting as ready
  • No longer defensive
  • Living in the here &  now
  • Actively moving toward change
  • Occurrence of spiritual growth
  • Acceptance stage

At Little Creek, our family is dedicated to your family’s education from the moment a loved-one enters through our doors to years after he completes our program. We pride ourselves on our alumni and the sober community we continue to develop here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Our alumni have a firm commitment to a sober lifestyle, and each gives back to current residents in his own way, whether through sponsorships, job opportunities, housing, home groups, or collegiate assistance. Residents’ parents and family members continue to support one another as well, often attending family groups and/or meetings in their own hometown areas.

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