“We seek to instill a renewed belief in self-worth and the spiritual center that lies
at the heart of all 12-Step programs.”

Little Creek Outpatient

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Mission Statement

Little Creek Outpatient Services is committed to building a strong foundation and integrating recovery through therapeutic and 12 step models. Our message is delivered in a clean, safe, confidential environment that addresses the needs of each client by caring compassionate, experienced professional staff.



Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help build a strong foundation in recovery with a focus on a spiritual shift that is the greatest mitigating factor in long-term sobriety. Through strong 12-step work, therapy and cognitive behavioral modification, we believe that clients can turn the corner and start to see their addictions as a disease rather than a weakness. Little Creek Out Patient Services provides clients with a clear view of the chronic but treatable nature of alcoholism and chemical dependency.

Continuum of Care

Often times individuals who have successfully completed an inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program still need some form of on-going treatment in order to solidify their sobriety. Our outpatient treatment program is intended to offer these individuals a continuum of care. Outpatient treatment is also offered to clients who may not require inpatient care for their particular circumstance.

  • Our outpatient treatment program offers flexible times that allow individuals to participate in both their daily affairs and treatment.
  • Before you begin your treatment with us we will assess your specific needs and develop a custom treatment plan.
  • Drug Screening and Breathalyzer:Both are performed regularly to ensure successful and stable recovery. This keeps the individuals in care accountable while at the same time it helps the family and the treatment team develop trust in the individual.
  • Caring, Clinical Staff, We believe in providing the best treatment through a competent, coordinated and collaborative program, based on the principles of dignity and respect.
  • Affordable and We Accept Most Major Insurance

Our mission is to provide effective drug and alcohol treatment to as many individuals as possible.

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Reasons Why You Should Choose Little Creek Outpatient Services

With so many options available for addiction treatment these days making the decision on what treatment is right for your needs can be overwhelming and frustrating. Here are a few reasons you should consider LCOPS

Outpatient Treatment Therapy Sessions Include:

  • Personal Growth:Including self-esteem, relationship, family & work related issues as well as community participation.
  • Life Skill Workshops:Including career planning, financial management, anxiety & stress management and other important fundamentals.
  • Family Participation:Including family day, family education workshops, family counseling sessions and more.
  • Individualized Counseling Sessions:Including grief, boundary setting, trauma and personal relationships.
  • 12-Step Education:On-going education on the 12 step program and how you can integrate it into your everyday life.
  • Relapse Prevention:Developing the skills to overcome drug and alcohol abuse after you graduate your addiction treatment program.
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