“The studio is a great place for residents to be
creative and have the freedom to practice different things.”

Music & Self Expression

Sparking the creative process without the use of drugs or alcohol is a very important step in early recovery. Re-starting the imagination takes internal motivation, work, and coaching. Discussion and encouragement are needed to begin the process of playing or writing music. One of the by-products of addiction is poor self-expression. Coming out of this thought pattern is difficult. Playing music in a healthy environment is a new experience, and practicing self-expression while allowing thoughts to flow freely without fear can feel quite foreign at first.

When a resident is ready to record a project we call in an engineer who guides resident in the recording process. The prospect of editing, mixing, and mastering a piece of music is really exciting for residents. We try to create one CD per year that is devoted to the writings of the residents. The process helps to provide feelings of accomplishment. There is great satisfaction found in the experience of completing a task from beginning to end, and residents take pride in their successes.

Equipment List:

  • Mac Pro with Logic Recording
  • PreSonus Studio Live Mix Board
  • Mackie Studio Monitors
  • AKG Studio Mics
  • Korg & EDIROL Keyboards
  • Roland JV 1080
  • Alesis DM 500
  • Akia S 1000
  • Akia MPD32
  • TC Electronics M2000 Reverb
  • Alesis 3030 Compressor
  • Tama Artstar II Drums
  • Roland Electronic Drums
  • Hand Drums
  • Assorted Guitars & Amps
  • Bose PA System

“Sober doesn’t mean you
have to stop being creative.”


Rehab Recordings was created as a beacon for those who come to Little Creek to begin their recovery and explore their musical abilities in that process. Learning how to express one self musically in sobriety can be a challenging process. Sometimes if you see it done you can do it.

Listen to our newest release

NEW “Resuscitation” – © 2013 Andrew Pace 
This Music

This project was created by Little Creek residents with the goal to inspire others who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction to follow their creative paths. Residents involved in the project became a part of something that helped both themselves and others along the journey of life.

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