Family Awareness

Addiction is a family disease


Family awareness and involvement in the recovery process is critical to attain the best outcome. The recovery process has a 32% increase in success, as noted in national statistics, when both of a resident’s parents participate.

Addiction is a family disease; the alcoholic affects members of the family unit in a very significant way. The progression of addiction fractures the value system of the alcoholic, which, in turn, spills over into the family. Enabling is when a person does something for another person despite that other person being capable of completing the task for him/herself. Families who continue to enable their children eventually notice the children have become helpless and dependent on the caretaker. Sometimes it’s difficult to recognize your role in all of it.

In our family program, we are dedicated to open, on-going communication with all of our residents’ mothers and fathers. We discuss progress and setbacks with every parent on a weekly basis. We are there to help guide you through the entire process of your son’s treatment.

Addiction is the number one disease in America. One in four adults in the U.S. suffers from addiction, and one in three families has at least one addicted member.

In 2012, 880,000 people sought treatment in the state of Pennsylvania. Although a staggering number, there also are 22 million people who have been in recovery for more than 10 years.

The addicted person sets the tone of the house. Families take on the mood of the addict, who becomes the center of attention. Everything revolves around him/her. The other children in the house do not get the same attention as the addict. Resentments form, and the home becomes divided. That is when codependency ignites; habits and rituals form in an attempt to save the addicted person.

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