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Seeking treatment for addiction is the first empowering step to your new sober lifestyle. Having your family support you in those efforts is critical. But we also know that sometimes, the best of intentions can go a bit astray, which is why we offer a program intended to help families relearn how to work together.

The Family Program at Little Creek Lodge is designed to educate and promote healthy interaction between parents and their sons. Parents are a significant part of the treatment process, and contribute to residents’ emotional growth. The family must be willing to recognize their co-dependencies and what part they play in the recovery process. You can trust our family to help yours at every step.

How our Family Program works

Our Family Program is held the first Sunday of every month at 10:00 a.m. at the Rule 62 Café adjacent to Little Creek Lodge. The family program is conducted by Little Creek staff members, along with a monthly rotation of guest speakers. We have hosted speakers from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Tennessee, and Washington.

The second half of the program takes place within the lodge, where we hold group with both residents and parents. Here is where unearthing of the family takes place—when the guided interaction between Mom, Dad, and Son reveals true intentions and motives. The forum becomes intimate, and by that, we mean “Into me you see.” Residents should become more transparent with each passing month, becoming vulnerable (not defensive or secretive) and more trusting in the recovery process and dialogue that takes place in this group.

Parental attendance strongly is encouraged. We believe it is vital for parents to learn the language of recovery and 12-Step philosophies in order to effectively communicate with their sons. All family groups are counselor-guided. During presentations, a discussion about the disease of addiction, co-dependency, and family-roles takes place. This sparks questions and interaction between parents and counselors, and real awareness unfolds.

We encourage you to download our Parent Guide Booklet. Here, you will find Little Creek Lodge’s policies regarding communication, visitation and home visits, as well as drug testing, medication and payments.

With our families by our side, all things are possible

At Little Creek Lodge in Pennsylvania, we are motivated by love. We know that families are, too. We want your sons, brothers, husbands and friends to rediscover they love they have to give, and the love they can receive in return. If you have questions about our Family Program, please call 877-689-2644, or fill out our contact form, and start the healing process.

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